Über Skateboards Pool Graphic, with 7 ply Canadian Maple.<br />
For those who know 1312

It’s all aBoUt skAteBoarDiNg!

Straight outta Hamburg City. It’s 2008 when the streets were cold and ruff these days. We love this environment, but Hamburg became more and more fancy. Because of this, 10 years later we made it to Berlin.

Streets: more ruff
Faces: colder

It’s all about Skateboarding for us and it’s great to be in germanys Skateboarding HQ.
You got pockets full of steez? Feel connected to us? Join us 👉 👈

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Überskateboard ad in Solo Mag Issue 51
Über Sb Special Decks, Holographic



SinGle prEsseD by  SUPERPLY

aPRil 2018


Marcel Rieger, also known as Loco Papi, is a Vienna legend. He has been riding for us for many years, and we are proud and grateful to have him with us. Crafting the perfect board for him is a matter of the heart. 



since 2008


hAmBurg ciTy

pHotO: joEl pEck >>>>>>>

since 2018



Uberskateboards, Emmy Tema, Marlene Mangold