Vans- originally „The Van Doren Rubber Company“ was founded in 1966 by the brothers Paul and James van Doren. In the same year they`ve launched the Vans #44 Deck Shoes, now known as the Authentic.

In 1975 Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta approached Vans with the idea of a shoe specific for skaters. They designed a shoe for this purpose with a padded collar and different color combinations, as well as the off the wall logo.

Finally in 1976 the Vans #95 were launched, today known as the Era, the first shoe designed by skaters for skaters.


Interesting Information

-Vans once made shoes for the US Air Force

-Vans sold single shoes (too bad they won´t do it anymore :/ )

-In 1996 Vans did the first ever Supreme Collaboration

-Originally the #44 Deck Shoe was meant to be a boat-shoe in which you have good grip on deck

-The original shoe cost $4.49 for men and $2.29 for women


Pop culture jewelry from Hamburg.
At first sight, Jonathan Johnson’s jewelry is too beautiful to be true and the ideas are f*#king awsome.
It combines things that couldn’t be more contradicting, like in the „shit“ ring. Shit and jewelry and the results speak for themselves. His motto could be „proud to be different“ or „I do not care what you think“.

Be sure to check out his online shop or visit him in his store in Hamburg. You won’t be disappointed.