ÜBER Skateboards – Stay fast, stay real! The skateboard brand „ÜBER“ from beautiful Hamburg, Germany has existed since 2008 and the goal of producing skateboard decks with high-quality materials and according to the needs of its customers has never been lost.

By now, the brand ÜBER Skateboards is internationally known and has grown into one of the largest European skateboarding brands. Fresh styles that are easy to recognise and the use of environmentally friendly and high quality materials have made a decisive contribution to this. ÜBER Skateboards are made from 7 layers of individually pressed Canadian maple. The wood for ÜBER Skateboards comes from sustainable forestry around the Great Lakes in Canada and the USA. Both the special, water-based adhesive and the paintwork are particularly durable and environmentally friendly at the same time.

The fact that skateboarding comes first at ÜBER can be seen in first-class team riders such as Daniel Spiegel, Christian Krause, Josh Junkes, Reece Knobloch, Marcel Rieger and Felix Lensing. ÜBER Skateboards stays true to its motto: „You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a skateboard and that’s pretty close!“ Amen!


ÜBER Skateboards are made from the highest quality Canadian maple wood. Due to its high quality and durability, Canadian maple is ideal for making skateboards. When choosing the wood, we value its origin from sustainably managed forests.

Our prints are completely water-based, fully sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Super strong epoxy glue

Super strong epoxy glue is used to manufacture and press our skateboards. This is why our superply skateboards are extremely durable.

Canadian hardrock maple

Canadian Hardrock Maple from sustainably managed forests in beautiful Canada is the best type of wood for making professional skateboards.

Water-based prints

We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible when it comes to printing. Our prints are therefore made sustainably with water-based inks.

Three quality checks

To ensure the quality of our skateboards, each board goes through 3 separate quality checks.